Consultation & Planning

Planning for the unknown can be scary to go alone. Itís nice to have an associate to consult with, lean on, and ask those questions that to some may seem frivolous. MaxEx is here to work with you to answer those questions; to show you how to maximize the effectiveness of your display. Through effective and knowledgeable planning we strive to make any task easy and effortless. Our goal is to create an exciting and informative tradeshow booth to promote your company as well as your products or services. Once we establish your goals and strategy for your tradeshow market, we present you with options in order for you to make the most cost effective and beneficial decisions for your success. We can help you create a tradeshow timeline and deadline management system. We offer budget development, booth evaluation as well as maintenance programs to keep your booth looking new, exciting, and inviting. MaxEx is easy to work with and will save you time and money while making you and your product stand out in any tradeshow or event. MaxEx is that associate that is always on your side working to make you shine.

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